ENVISION   A spatially explicit, multiparadigm modeling framework for analysis of coupled natural/human systems and alternative future scenarios
Integrated Modeling Platform
Envision Lab Group Meeting Schedule
Envision weekly meeting agenda items:

Envision Topics   
 Developer Plugin  Bolte
Project specific approaches and representations Vache
 Flow Parameterization  Vache
 Visualization - Envistas  Wingo
 Visualization - D3 10/20Stuve
 OME Simulation tools 10/27 Wingo
 Envision Web 10/20 Miles
Programming Topics   
 VS2013 tips and tricks, and SVN issues  Schwartz
 Parallelization approaches  Schwartz/Wingo
 String Handling and Unicode  Schwartz/Bolte
 D3 Under the hood  Stuve
 Envision: under the hood 11/3Bolte
 Libs/WinLibs overview  Bolte
 Source code auto documentation/Programming standards  Wingo/Bolte