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Water Service Areas

Municipal demand is calculated for each of the water service districts in the Big Wood Basin. These areas are shown in the map below. We assume a 2010 per capita usage rate of 453 gal per day, and assuming that all water supplied for domestic use (reported as a percentage by each city) between October and April is for indoor use. Historic values of mean per capita indoor usage rates are reported at 462 gallons per day (gal/d) for 1995–2004, 468 gal/d for 1995, and 453 gal/d for 2001 (reference).

The per-capita use rates are held constant for the unmanaged scenarios. However, for the managed scenarios, we include an increased water use efficiency (or reduction in per-captia water use) of 1% per year for municipal uses.

We further assume that all municipal water is drawn from groundwater sources, and do not directly effect (or are limited by) stream flows. For this reason, the results are the same across our three climate scenarios.

The chart below the total water used for municipal uses, in millions of gallons per day, for the various water districts under each of our management scenarios

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