Download Envision Datasets for the Skagit Study Area

The Envision Skagit 2060 project seeks to develop and implement a broadly-supported, 50-year plan to protect the Skagit and Samish River watersheds' many environmental values, maintain highly productive natural resource industries, and accommodate population growth in livable, walkable, and economically vibrant communities. The project is a partnership among Skagit County and numerous local and regional organizations, including conservation groups, tribes, local farmers and foresters, cities, economic development interests and universities. The project will recommend changes to the County's and other jurisdictions' comprehensive plans and policies addressing land use planning, community and economic development, environmental protection and natural resource conservation.

The project is using Envision to project four different alternative future scenarios:

  • Plan Trend, capturing existing policies and plans
  • Ag/Forestry, emphasizing protection of resource lands extractive uses
  • Ecosystems, emphasizing protection of ecological resources and compact development
  • Development, emphasizing the development of rural villages to accomdate a significant portion of anticipated new growth

Skagit County's Envision 2060 website can be accessed here

Initial IDU Data - An initial description

The DRAFT document included at the following link is designed to outline some initial suggestions regarding the development of the Skagit County IDU dataset.  It is a DRAFT document representing an initial step towards the finalization of the IDU.  Comments and suggestions from project partners are encouraged and we anticipate that the geometry may change based upon that feedback.

Click here (docx format)

The GIS data outlined in the document can be explored using the GIS application found at:

The data can also be accessed from the following WMS server:

For a zipped shapefile click here